Indica or Sativa How To Choose The Right Medicinal Cannabis

Marijuana is used around the world because it has a special connection with the human body plus it provides value at a therapeutic level.

If you are looking into the benefits of medicinal marijuana for treating what ails you, it is also important to learn about the various strains cannabis comes in.

These tips for using medical marijuana are going to help you yield better results and help illustrate the potency of cannabis as a solution in whole.


Before we get to talking about the tips for using medical marijuana, you need to hear about two terms. You are going to hear about Indica, and you are going to hear about Sativa.

Let’s start with Indica.

The premise of Indica is it acts as a sedative or relaxer as it puts the body at ease. (Think Indi-couch)

There are numerous medical conditions that require a person to be at ease to feel relief such as chronic pain conditions, anxiety, muscle spasms, and insomnia.

What is it that makes these strains act as powerful tranquilizers?

They are very high in cannabinoids which are magnificent at helping the body relax.

The general feelings associated with Indica strains can be described as sleepy, relaxed, heavy, even mellow.


The next strain is Sativa.

This type of cannabis has a stimulating effect on the body.

For example, if you are dealing with depression, you may find it hard to get going, but the Sativa strains can give you that additional burst of happiness that is sometimes required to be at peace with the day.

Cannabis can make a significant difference with your mood.

A lot of patients who deal with nausea, migraines, and depression swear by Sativa strains because they stimulate the body and bring it back into balance as needed.

Sativa strains are higher in THC, which is why they get the body stimulated in the way that they do. You will notice a change in how the body feels once these types have been taken. Most people will note a burst of energy and a reduction in pain.

It will help focus the mind and help you get more out of your day instead of being held back by a medical condition you have to live with.

Tips For Using Medicinal Marijuana

1) Choose The Right Strain

Start by taking a look at each strain to see which one suits your medical condition. For most people, you are going to know which one is the right fit because your condition is going to guide you. If you are always lethargic, it doesn’t make sense to go with Indica strains that will chill you out.

You want something that is going to help stimulate your body, and that is where Sativa strains come into action.

The same applies in the opposite direction where you might need to mellow out and don’t want to be over stimulated. That is where the Indica strains come in handy.

Regardless of your needs, make sure you are picking the right strain for the job. You many need to have three or four types of herb on hand to obtain the effects you desire throughout the day and week.

It will make a noticeable difference.

2) Talk With The Professionals

Are you speaking to a professional? You want to do this as soon as you can because they will know which strains will help you out the most. They can start you down the right path, and take nearly all of the guessings out of the equation.

You will know what to take and how to take it, which is a must as you are figuring things out for the long-term.

3) Use In Small Amounts To Get A Feel

The best thing to do with medical marijuana is to make sure you start with small quantities. You don’t want to get over medicated. Start slow and ease into your groove with it.

Start small and see how your body and mind respond to it.

If you feel you can go with more, then make those changes slowly. Or, try a different flavor if one is too potent or not powerful enough. Testing is how you are going to find the results that you desire.

4) Keep Track of What You Are Using

You want to keep a log, journal, or notes about how well each strain remedies your condition. Many people don’t do this, and that is the reason they’re all over the place with results. Medical marijuana comes in many potencies, and it helps to find the variety that works best for you if you want consistent results.

Keep track of what you are using and how you are using it, and you will start to see changes to your health. That is where routine checkups with your regular doctor come into play.

These were the pointers that I figured you should know regardless of which type of cannabis you choose.

Learn to recognize the nuances of each strain before going all in on a single variety, because it will lead to better results in general. You will need to test the waters with several types of cannabis flowers, extracts, oils, lotions, edibles, etc. before you find the best solution for what is ailing you.

Now go get your medical card!

It is complete Bull Shizola that you even need to have a medical condition to buy cannabis.

Nonetheless, you deserve to be able to use it if you want to and the laws are allowing marijuana as a medicine.

Go Get Some!